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Taking care of your home doesn’t need to be frustrating! Visit us at Curry Ace Hardware and we’ll show you the right products and give you the advice you need and the friendly service you deserve.

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Check out what our neighbors have to say!

The people here are fantastic and always helpful! Their prices are right around those of the "big box" alternative or even lower and their expertise is unmatched. They treat you like a good neighbor and you feel like they're yours!

Dan J., Hanover

Easiest five stars I've ever given. Curry Hardware has saved my bacon so many times at this point that I seriously don't know how I would've survived my first couple years of home ownership without them (nor know what bacon tastes like, because it all would've been gone!). What they may lack in volume and quantity they more than make up for in quality and variety. But where Curry Hardware separates itself is in the customer service - everyone has always been well informed, patient and friendly. Also, they always seem to have exactly what you need exactly when you need it, maybe even before you know you need it, no matter how dire the emergency or if other local big box stores are wiped out. So... thank you!

Jake M., Quincy

My fiance and I just bought a house -- a real fixer upper -- and neither of us has any idea what we're doing. But when I went into Curry and explained that, one of the clerks (Patrick I think?) spent almost a half hour with me walking me through exactly what I needed to prep cracked/messed up walls for painting, filled my cart with the supplies I needed, explained how to use all of them, answered all my questions about specific problems I have, and worked with me to figure out what level of quality I needed to get the job done without breaking the bank. He was so nice and didn't rush me at all, even though I monopolized a ton of his time. Plus, he carried the heavy stuff for me and helped load my car. Every time I've been here, everybody who works here has been awesome and knowledgeable. I would be lost trying to do all this work without their help.

Evan A., Quincy

I can't say enough good things about this place. My husband and I just bought our first home in the area and have been busy all summer with projects. From gardening to repairing drywall and everything in between the staff here knows their stuff. They are friendly and knowledgeable. They will answer all your questions, even the clueless kind. We originally came here because they were the closest Benjamin Moore paint retailers to our house, but now return for everything because the store is so great. They offer a great selection and range of quality in their supplies. Don't think just because they are a small store they will only have a couple expensive putty knifes to choose from. Nope! They have one-time disposal knifes (perfect for me) all the way up to nice professional ones. This selection holds true for all of their products. The store has a lot of parking and is easy to get to. It is clean and they have free popcorn on the weekends! It is a true asset to the community. Thank you!

Stephanie R., Yarmouthport

I don't usually write reviews, but I felt that my recent interaction really warranted a review. I've always gone there over the past 20 years and always thought they were top notch. Today, however I truly got a glimpse at how much better they are than the other hardware stores. Today I went out to start my snowblower, and I broke the pull chord to on it. I called Curry and spoke to Rick. He talked me through how I could fix it, in a way that a 2 year old could do it! Unfortunately I am not that 2 year old. I took the assembly apart and brought it to Curry. I showed Rick the problem I was having and he told me that there was nothing I needed to buy from the store. He got some tools and fixed it right in front of me. The best part is it was a Saturday and I couldn't find a repair shop that could look at it on this day, and we were in the middle of our first storm of the season. Thanks Curry I loved your store before and I love you even more now!

Kevin S., Braintree

Hey! I was just in your Hanover Store and all I needed was a rubber stopper for a tension rod. The guy who helped me, Derek, was just incredible--spent so much time to find the right thing. When I got to the register truly embarrassed that it was only $1. For sure I'll be back and hopefully for more expensive items. Thanks.

Ann Marie J.